For Professionals

About the Program

What is the Professionals Program?

The BMIQ Professionals Program is an evidence-based, obesity management program for health care professionals developed by Dr. Louis Aronne and the nation's leading experts in obesity and weight-related care. This turnkey solution allows health care providers to add a comprehensive, office-based program to their medical practice for a low monthly price. BMIQ provides the tools and resources needed to easily implement an obesity management program in any practice, starting today! Contact Us to learn more or set up a demo.

The Benefits for Your Practice

As healthcare providers, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive program in your office that's easy to implement, flexible to use, and supports patients outside of the office setting. The BMIQ Professionals Program does just that. For a low monthly subscription, you will receive your own branded website along with all of the following program components:

  • Complete program materials for you and your patients, including session guides, patient lessons, references, and more
  • A complete 20 Session program that can be delivered individually in your office, telephonically or in a group setting
  • Video tutorials on getting started and delivering each session
  • Comprehensive reports for each of your patients that complete their online assessment
  • Integrated patient tracking which allow you to review your patient's progress, giving you access to their weight logs, SMART goals and more

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The Benefits For Your Patients

  • Evidence-based interventions delivered by the health care professional
  • Detailed, expanded session materials support each office visit
  • Comprehensive meal plan and sample menus based on target calorie levels
  • Integrated weight and goal-tracking tools allows health care professionals to review real time progress during each office visit
  • Engaging videos, articles and resources
  • Reminders and alerts increase compliance

How it Works

  • Your patient is registered in your office
  • You deliver the session by following the guides
  • Your patient is provided with expanded session material online
  • Your patient applies session and meal plan into their daily routine
  • Your patient tracks their weight, goals online
  • Your patient is encouraged to schedule their next office visit
  • Your patient returns to your office for their next session