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About the Program

About the Program

The BMIQ Professionals Program is a comprehensive weight loss program developed by the leading weight loss experts in the nation. The program combines structured office visits with your health care professional with online tracking tools, detailed program materials and educational resources between your visits. A healthy meal plan, with menus for various caloric levels, is provided. By participating in the program you will learn to make lifelong changes to your health!

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The Benefits

  • 20 Evidence-based sessions delivered by your health care provider in
    their office
  • Detailed, online session materials expand on the topics covered in each
    office visit
  • Comprehensive meal plan and sample menus based on your target
    caloric levels
  • Integrated weight and goal tracking tools allows your health care providers to review your progress
  • Engaging videos, articles and educational resources

How it Works

If your health care provider is participating in the program, they will register you for the program in their office. As soon as you're registered you'll receive a welcome email so you can complete your registration and create your personalized account. Once you create your account you'll have access to your program materials, tracking tools and educational resources. Each time you meet with your health care professional and review a new session, the detailed support material for that session will become available online in your account. In between your office visits, you are encouraged to follow the meal plan, track your weight and goals so that these can be reviewed by your health care professional at your next visit.

The Meal Plan

The meal plan is designed to help you meet your weight and health goals. We'll provide you with a guide and sample menus to help you lose weight by reducing hunger and promoting satiety as you lose weight. The meal plan will help you meet your goals by reducing your calories and increasing your intake of whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean meats, low fat dairy, beans, and whole grains.